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Monday, August 6, 2012

31: From My Readers — Part II

A reader named Jo Anne has evidently had her life turned around by supplementing with iodine. She writes the following letter:

“I began taking iodine two years ago and, like you, I have been amazed at the improvements in my health. Iodine is [important] for the health of the connective tissue in the body. I can now climb stairs without leg pain; walk on the balls of my feet without pain. I can climb stairs without gasping for air at the top ..., because my lungs now expand big enough to take in the air I need.

“My flexibility has improved overall. I can reach down and wash my feet in the shower. Reaching my feet before was so stiff and painful, I would be in a sweat just to put on a pair of socks.

“I have been cold- and flu-free for two years [since beginning to use iodine]. Most people don’t realize that we [are supposed to] have a tiny bit of iodine in our saliva. It’s there to protect us from bacteria and viruses. It’s also there for the health of our teeth and gums. A common symptom of deficiency is catching every bug going around, [plus] dental cavities.

“I have had fibrocystic breast disease almost from the day I went into puberty. I was never told, all those years, that iodine was a standard/old-fashioned cure for this condition. There were days when my breasts were so tender and painful, I couldn’t stand to be hugged even gently. Three months after starting the iodine, I began to experience the feeling of needle-like pains in my breast; after a self-examination I found that all the lumps were gone. The pains only lasted two days, and I am still lump-free today.

“It turns out that mammary glands actually need more iodine than the thyroid does. Scientists know that fibrocystic breast disease is a precursor for breast cancer, so why aren’t more women being told about iodine? Could it be because the big drug companies can’t make money on it, because it already has a patent? [Iodine cannot be patented, as it is a naturally occurring element. —N.C.] It’s these companies that supply most of the research that our doctors are taught in school. The treatment of cancer is a billion-dollar industry, so no surprise that we never hear about iodine from our doctors.

“My eyesight has improved. I bought new glasses because the old ones were too strong. What a change! I usually have to get them made stronger. Iodine is an aid to the function of every gland in the body. Edgar Casey called it 'Oil for the Machine of the Glands.' My insulin resistance is gone. I’m no longer on a roller-coaster ride when it comes to my energy levels throughout the day.

“I can eat whatever I like; it makes little difference. It was a great Christmas present, last, when I got through the festivities eating squares, turkey, gravy, etc., and did not crash even once. I take three drops of Lugol’s iodine in a small glass of orange juice. The citric acid in the juice has a reaction with the iodine and makes it tasteless, colorless and odorless.

“It was accidentally running across a video on YouTube, “Iodine. Why We Need It and Why We Can’t Live Without It” by Dr. David Brownstein, that saved my life.”

* * * * * * *

Another reader, Leila, commented on my use of Lugol’s on suspicious-looking skin spots (#16: Scared About Skin Cancer):

“Hi, Nancy, I’m doing this too. I found decolorized iodine online—while it doesn't stain the skin, it does stain clothing, countertops, etc., plus it has alcohol in it which smells terrible, so I only use it in areas that show. I have/had several strange lumps and bumps on my back, so I got my husband to paint them every night and cover with a band-aid— sure enough, one dropped off after only a week! He's going to try it on his skin tags. I'm also using it on my scalp to combat psoriasis; seems to be working fairly well so far.”

* * * * * * *

About a month ago, I myself suddenly had four pinkish spots show up on the side of my face, the largest being half an inch across. Immediately I started applying Lugol’s. After two weeks, I figured that I’d better get a doctor’s opinion. Nothing to worry about, he said; a biopsy was not necessary. Well, what’s going on then that these spots sting like crazy when the iodine goes on? The integrity of the skin is obviously broken down. For now, I’ll apply Lugol’s twice a day, and I’m booking another appointment for a second opinion. I'll keep you posted.


  1. I have something to add to this stream of thought: last week I checked at both our local health food store and one of the pharmacies as to what iodine products they sold. The pharmacist informed me "we have too much salt in our diet already so we don't sell iodine." The health food store also doesn't sell iodine - though they do have kelp products for thyroid support. I see there's room for some work here!

  2. How do I use Lugols Solution for a spot on my face? Do I delute the solution with water? I would really appreciate hearing from you about this. Thank you so much.

    1. I use it undiluted, full strength. This Lugol's 5%. Be very careful around your eyes. I use an eye dropper to paint it on. Use it at night, and hopefully by morning it will have faded enough so you don't look like a clown. If you don't have to go out in public, use it several times a day. Some thing clear up in a week or so; others I'm still in process with after months.

      Do you receive my blog notices by email? If not, email me at That way, as I discover better strategies for skin eruptions, you can stay posted.