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Sunday, January 29, 2012

16: Scared About Skin Cancer

Greg and I are at the age (our later fifties) when every new spot and stain on the skin must be examined with careful suspicion. Everyone is frightened of skin cancer, and so we should be. A few years ago, Greg had a couple of things show up on his back—it seemed they just appeared overnight, but I’m sure they didn’t. One was the size of my thumbnail; the other, the size of my baby fingernail. Having a very dark brown, somewhat mottled look, they were slightly irregular around the edges but generally round.

When we inquired of a doctor, he just shrugged and said “Those are keratoses; they’re harmless. He’ll get a lot more of those as he gets older. Just keep an eye on them.” They got a little bigger, slowly, over time, and although the doctor had said “harmless,” when my fingers inadvertently touched them when I’d wrap my arms around my husband’s big, strong back, something in me would recoil uneasily.

Around this time I got into supplementing with iodine. As it began to sooth and strengthen my nervous system, I continued to read article after article about its efficacy in other areas. I saw that it could be used to heal pre-cancerous lesions—and even possibly cancer itself.

Fortunately, at this point, we were not dealing with cancer. But my reading had indicated that keratosis is a pre-cancerous condition. So I took my eye-dropper bottle of Lugol’s Solution and began dribbling iodine onto these ugly spots before bedtime every night. The skin seemed impervious. I’d let it sit on there for a few minutes; then I’d blot it lightly for the sake of our white sheets.

The weeks went by. It was probably a full two months before I was convinced that anything was happening, but suddenly I found that the surfaces of the spots were becoming rough and sponge-like. In fact, now when I touched a drop to the areas, it was immediately sucked up—I could almost hear them going “slurp.” They got spongier, puffing up above the skin around them, getting more and more scary-looking, until finally Greg, squinting sideways at them in the mirror one night, said rather nervously, “Maybe we’re feeding them!”

I replied, “I think you’d better go to the doctor.”

But before he could get around to doing that, another week or two went by, and in that time the sponge became scabby and just kind of crumbled off, leaving wonderful, smooth, normal skin in its place. Almost two years have passed and it’s still looking great.

My confidence has continued to build regarding iodine and skin lesions. I recently used Lugol’s on a host of little skin tags, twice a day. It took a while—maybe a month or two, but they eventually dried up and fell off. I continue to treat abnormalities here and there on myself. Normal skin will stain pale orange, but trouble spots soak up the iodine, highlighting their damage. Some superficial brown patches have crusted up easily and brushed off in a matter of a week or so. There are assorted others that have been extremely stubborn and are not budging yet. But I’ve come across something today while writing this article, and this is for “fairly small” cancerous lesions: “they must be painted with the solution 10-20-30 times twice a day for five days and then once for another ten days ...” It’s time to up the ante.

It has been discovered that people who take sufficient iodine—enough that all systems of the body are satisfied—have a high amount of iodine in their skin. It has not been known what its purpose there is. I find myself wondering though: if iodine applied directly will kill cancer, perhaps sufficient supplementation will prevent it. I, for one, sure wouldn’t be without my Lugol’s.



  1. Hi Nancy - I'm doing this too. I found decolorized iodine online - while it doesn't stain the skin, it does stain clothing, countertops etc, plus it has alcohol in it which smells terrible, so I only use it in areas that show.

    I have/had several strange lumps & bumps on my back so I got my husband to paint them every night & cover with a bandaid - sure enough, one dropped off after only a week! He's going to try it on his skin tags.

    I'm also using it on my scalp to combat psoriasis, seems to be working fairly well so far. I didn't realize it had to be applied so often, will hold my nose & step it up!

  2. Aloha Nancy,

    Great blog full of useful information. I have just ordered atomidine iodine after reading someone else's blog I hope this will work as well as Lugol's. I'm looking forward to getting started and healing my CA/HI damaged skin.

  3. Hi I am treating a basal cell on my nose. It has almost gone away a couple of times with the treatment of 10% provodine iodine, but after 7 weeks it's still there, not nearly as large but a small rise formed at the top. I actually lanced the small rise under the skin so that the iodine can get to the lesion. I stopped using iodine for two days and it started drying up. But the small place at the top looks as if it needs more treatment. I read Dr. Simoncini's treatment plan and what my question is: What the heck does "paint 10-20-30 times twice a day" mean?? I may be missing something but why so confusing? Is it 10 times twice a day or is it 20 times twice a day or is it 30 times twice a day or is it 60 times twice a day. What does 10-20-30 times twice a day mean. If someone has a good (knowledgeable) explaination for this please reply.And how is the best way to apply perhaps 30 coats at one time. Thank You - William (from Carolina Beach NC)

  4. Hi again, Today I received in the mail (from ebay) a one ounce bottle of 7% TINCTURE IODINE (as specified by the doctor Dr. Simoncini who uses it to cure cancer) I tried it. WOW what a difference from the Provodine Iodine. Play by the rules it makes a difference. Tincture, Tincture, TINCTURE!!!

    1. Hello William, finally I am getting back to you. First of all, you caught me out with your question about 10-20-30, because I got that info directly from Dr. Simoncini's site but didn't understand it any better than you did. Second, glad you found something more effective. I don't know anything about this tincture, except that I expect it's alcohol-based. What I use is Lugol's 5% (not available in the US). Here is some info I put together for you:
      Tincture of iodine or iodine tincture is an antiseptic, it is also called weak iodine solution. Usually 2–7% elemental iodine, along with potassium iodide or sodium iodide, dissolved in a mixture of ethanol and water. It was used from 1908 in pre-operative skin preparation by surgeon Antonio Grossich.[1]
      As in the case of Lugol's iodine, the role of iodide and water in the solution is to increase the solubility of the elemental iodine, by turning it to the soluble triiodide anion I3−. However, since iodine has moderate solubility in ethanol, it is also assisted by this solvent directly.
      Thus, iodine tincture solutions are characterized by the presence of alcohol, and about the same amount (weight % content) of elemental iodine as iodide. Lugol's iodine, by contrast, has no alcohol, and has twice the amount of iodide as elemental iodine.
      USP Tincture of Iodine is defined in the U.S. National Formulary (NF) as containing in each 100 mL, 1.8 to 2.2 grams of elemental iodine, and 2.1 to 2.6 grams of sodium iodide. Alcohol is 50 ml and the balance is purified water. This "2% free iodine" solution provides about one mg of free iodine per drop.
      USP Strong Iodine Tincture is defined in the NF as containing in each 100 mL, 6.8 to 7.5 gram of iodine, and 4.7 to 5.5 gram of potassium iodide. Purified water is 50 mL and the balance is alcohol. This 7% tincture solution is about 3.5 times more concentrated than USP 2% tincture.
      — Wikipedia
      My conclusion:
      Lugol’s contains 6.25 mg. total iodine per drop; 75 tincture would be 3.5 mg. drop. Therefore Lugol’s (what I use) would be almost twice as strong as your tincture. However, Lugol’s is also water-based, so it can be taken internally as well as used on the skin. (You mustn’t use the tincture orally.) Taking Lugol’s orally these past 4 years has been a terrific boon to me. If you scan through my articles, you’ll find many of them are on various aspects of this nutrient.

  5. Hi Nancy! How awesome I found your blog and you are in NZ! I am in NZ as well and I just found I have TWO BIG moles on my Head((( and they got me worried 'cos I never knew about them and walked around under NZ sun with no sun protection!!(((
    I ve started my researched and am Very interested in trying Lugol (Been taking it oral 2 drops per day with ACV) now too. BUT I am very scared - as everyone says the moles get very angry etc plus you need to bandade them - and how would I do all that if I cant even see them - only by touch. And am scared as anyting to go to doctors about it as most likely surgical solution will be offered (which totally scares me) Sorry about such a outsry, but thought mb you did some head moles as well..:)) abnd its so nice to know you are in the same country!!!:) sorry posting anonymous as I hv only a Facebook and yahoo acount

    1. Hello Anonymous: I'm not in NZ; I'm in Canada! I wouldn't worry about using a band-aid. Put the Lugol's in an eye dropper, if it's not already, and finding the moles by touch, dab on a drop or two, several times a day if possible. Make sure you have Lugol's 5%, not 2%. The 5% is much stronger, obviously! Good luck with that.

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